About The Photographer

Where do I begin?
I don't fancy myself a "traditional photographer." I’m a storyteller, a journalist, a comedian, (sometimes) stylist, an artist and a friend. I'd describe my portraiture style for Little Faces as more modern photo-journalistic-style photography.

What does this mean?
Professional photography is commonly perceived as a stressful situation. So often, the day is dreaded, children are warned to “be on their best behavior,” and the resulting photographs reflect the stress experienced by children and parents alike.

Now, imagine seeing portraits of your family taken by a photojournalist, as opposed to traditional staged/studio photography. Picture a less contrived setting that offers countless organic and candid moments to capture your family as they truly are; laughing, sometimes yelling, interacting and being themselves. Possibly an image of your husband tenderly kissing his little girl’s forehead, or even a shocking moment in which your two little boys stop fighting momentarily for a “brotherly hug.”

My mission...
To create timeless portraits that tug at your heart and warm your soul. To help capture the cherished moments we all seem to take for granted, and eventually have trouble remembering.

Childhood is Golden, but it is also fleeting. Passionately preserving these priceless moments, is my promise to you.

Now, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it ! 😛

– – Helena

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